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Romanian Erasmus+ Mobility

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Hello, I am Daria and two weeks ago I went to Romania during an Erasmus+ school project. Romania is an amazing country. We visited Iasi – beautiful and interesting city in Moldova part.

I lived for 5 days in Holboca- a small green province near Iasi.

Every day I went to school in Holboca and had a great time there.

On Monday we played communication games in school. On Tuesday we visited school for special needs children. They had problems with eyes. We had different activities with them and after that we saw Iasi by bus because the weather was rainy.

On Wednesday I visited a salt mine. I have never seen such kind of facility before. The mine was very healthy because the air in it is different. Inside the mine there was a church, we played chess and went to lunapark.

On Thursday we went to school where we made a tree of emotions and book divider. We played interesting games and we built a lego. In the evening we had a barbeque in the host family garden. It was great fun. We danced and played with a ball.

On Friday we visited the school gym and played interesting games.

In Iasi I saw Botanic garden, Cathedral, Palace of culture, Palace mall and the river.

I made new friends and I learnt some Romanian words.

Romania is like fairy tale for me.

I will always remember this extraordinary week.

Daria Dimitrova, 6th grade

Yordan Yovkov Primary School

Varna, Bulgaria

"Communication is the key" in Romania

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Two weeks ago I was included in our Erasmus+ mobility group in Romania. I was with our English teacher and some other teachers and students from my school. Gabi and I stayed at a great family, where I spoke English, had fun and felt myself at home.

The first day we went to Holboca school and kidergarten. We did some activities with the students from Romania, Latvia and Turkey.

The next day we visited the school for blind children.That was very sad to me but I tried to help some children with their tasks. I think they were happy and I felt myself better. Then we went back home.I took a shower and went to bed. We had to wake up very early - at 7 а.m every day to go to school.The third day we had excursion to a salt mine. It was a great excursion - the mine was big and it had lots of places for entertainment. We played football in the mine.

I loved the next day because we had a very big party, after which we went to the mall. I bought many souvenirs and presents for my family and friends. After the shopping we travelled around the city by car and studied a little Romanian language. We went to eat pizza. After that we went home, took a shower and chatted with Bogdan and his sister. Bogdan`s mother was also very kind and worried all the time if we were OK - just like my mum.

The next day we travelled back to Bulgaria. During this unforgettable week I saw a lot of beautiful places and learnt many new things. This was a great week in Romania. Hope I will go there again.

Stefani Ivanova Nikolova

Varna, Bulgaria, Yordan Yovkov School

My first travelling abroad

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My name is Gabriela and I`m twelve. When my teacher told me I`m going to Romania in the group of Erasmus+ mobility I couldn`t believe. It was my first travelling abroad. I didn`t know what to expect. We were travelling by bus and I was looking forward to crossing the border. My classmates and I enjoyed Romanian nature, towns and villages through the bus window .

It was a big surprise for me when our Romanian hosts met us with flowers. There were flowers even for the students. Now I know that Romania is famous for its roses. But what is more - Bogdan and his family were very friendly and hospitable to me. At the beginning it was difficult for me to speak only English but later our communication became better. Now I know Romanian people are kind and often smile.

Iasi is a great city. Holboca is a green village. We played some games in the school sports hall in Holboca. It is bigger than ours. At school we had activities and I made lots of friends not only from Romania but also from different countries.

I invited my new friends to visit me in Bulgaria. I felt very happy.

Now I can say for sure that communication is the key for a better and happier life.

Gabriela Stefanova, 12 years old

Yordan Yovkov Primary School, Varna, Bulgaria

With Erasmus to Romania

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On the first week of June I went to Romania to participate in Erasmus project. After three flights I arrived to Holboca village early Monday morning. First I was worried and insecure as it was my first time alone so far from home. In the early morning I met a boy Dragos Gabriel. I was living in his house and we all went to 1 - 4th grade Gymnasium. In the school we were welcomed by students singing Romanian songs and dancing. We were doing practical excercises all together.

Around lunch time together with Dragos Gabriel we were going to his private house, where his father was waiting for us with smile. Family received me very hospitable, warmly and kindly. We were friendly all the time. They cheered me up and took care of me. Family of Dragos Gabriel became my and my parents friends. I am happy that I lived excactly in this family. I hope we will meet soon all together.

In the evening we went to first meeting party with Erasmus students from Bulgaria and Romania. They are like us – active, friendly, curious and little naughty.

Next day we were visiting school of students with visual disabilities. We were communicating and trying to understand their world. Children are learning reading with special training tools. Without seeing, they are learning, doing sports, music with senses and adapting to circumstances. I remember one little girl who was reading and writing so fast that regular people would not be able.

Every day I was participating in Erasmus creativity studios. Through games and different tasks we were creating tree of emotions. We handicrafted, painted, sports. I got to know culture and history of Romania.

One day we went to Mina Trotus salt mines. We were 240 m under groung where salt is obtained. We wisited one small town was formed sulfur source. It was possible to drink from this source.

We were creating fifferent activities with family in the free afternoons. We went to second largest city in Romania called Iasi. We visited castle of culture, Orthodox church, botanical garden and eating delicious food in Romanian pizzeria. We were creating garden celebration with singing and dancing.

I said thank you very much and Goodbye to family on Saturday morning and all of us from Latvia – I (me), Mareks and teacher Daiga Knaza, Agris Paipals and Juris Saurins flew to Bucharest. After little relax we spent the rest of the day in capital city of Romania. We flew to Riga via Istanbul Sunday early morning and then home.

It was a big experience, challenge and adventure for me. I gained many new friends from Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania. Those were seven days full with emotions. I am now more independent and brave. I learned some words in Romanian and developed my English. It is important to learn languages to communicate in the wide world. This project for me is a huge benefit.

I recommend to every student: Go, participate and don’t be afraid!

Thank you to primary school of Targale for opportunity to participate in Erasmus program. Special regards to Copacianu family that I lived with.

Ričards Austers

Primary school of Tārgale, Latvia

Erasmus+ Week In Iasi, Romania

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Before going to Romania I was a little excited, because I was going to abroad for the first time. When we arrived in Romania our host family was waiting for us at the airport. We went to the house immediately because it was almost night. After settling in our room we slept. The host family was very polite to us.

We went to school after having breakfast. There they gave us colored bars and asked us to introduce ourselves. Than we went to kindergarten. The kindergarten students showed us the traditional songs and dances of Romania.

On the second day we went to a school for the blind people. It is very good to build such places for the blind people. There we asked the blind people the questions that we wondered about.

On the third day we went to the salt mine. It was the first time that I saw a salt mine. It was very interesting for me that we went to a place with natural mineral waters. We tasted the mineral water there.

We did some activities on the fourth day . We were divided into two groups and had different activities with legos. Than we drew thumbnails in a different way. After the activites we went to the borbecue party in Aleksandra’s house.

On the last day we tried to draw pictures about emotions at school. After finishing our pictures we went to the gym. They sang their traditional songs in the gym. After school we went to the music festival. It was a perfect week for me. Thanks to my host family for everything.

Sema Göçer, Turkey

An Unforgettable Week In Romania

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My name is Mualla Ergin. I’m from Turkey. I’m so glad when my teacher told me we were going to Romania. I was very excited. I wondered what would happen there. The day i was set to go, i was excitend and curious so much. I was going to go abroad for the first time. After eight hours bus ride from Küçükkuyu to İstanbul, we flew from İstanbul to Bucharest. After traveling around Bucharest for about nine hours, we flew to Iasi. We met our host family on Iasi Airport. They were very polite.

After resting, we went to the school on Monday. They gave everyone different colors of wires. We stood up and introduced ourselves according to color. We went to kindergarten. Kindergarten students showed us their traditional dance.

We went to the blind people’s school on Tuesday. At this school blind people are receiving a quality education which can then for life help then to make their life easier. My favorite rooms in the school were therapy and music rooms. Then we came home and slept.

We went to the salt mine on Wednesday. We bought souvenirs. After leaving the mine, we drank mineral water from the natural spring. Then we went to the houses. After we had a rest, we went to Palas Mall with Erasmus students. We had dinner there.

On Thursday, we split into two groups to develop communication and made shapes with legos. We did zentangle. Everybody embroidered their own country’s flag.

After school we went to see Oana’ s eldest son and daughter. They were polite people. Then we went to Alexandra’s house for a barbecue party with all Erasmus students. We danced. We loved the family's dogs. We had dinner, played games and had fun.

On Friday we formed several teams at the school, each group painted pictures of different emotions. Then we went out of school, to the gym. Romanian students sang traditional songs and danced. Later, we performed traditional dances with Erasmus students. We came home after the gym. After resting, we went to Palas Mall with Erasmus students. There was a music festival. Then we went home and slept. We got up at four in the morning. We had to go, because there was no time. Erasmus+ week was over, we didn’t want to go.

I will miss Oana, her family, Erasmus students and teachers.

Mualla Ergin, Turkey

Erasmus project in Poland

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My name is Kristaps Lauris Radelis. I am 14 years old. I participated in a project named ‘’Erasmus’’ in Poland. It lasted for 5 days. It was very interesting and educational journey. I had a lot of great time and experience. This project helped me to improve my English knowledge. It is a lot easier to brush your English knowledge in everyday circumstances.

On the first day we had a meeting and workshops at school. We had an oppurtunity to meet all the participants of the project. I met a lot of people and I started to feel comfortable in Poland’s atmosphere. The people in Poland were very responsible and friendly. I had a great opportunity to meet people from many different countries. Very responsible and friendly family was hosting me. In the family I had a chance to taste different but delicious food making recipes. I was teaching them Latvian words but they were teaching me Polish words. During the project I became more closer with my new friend Szymon. We spent a lot of time together. Our friendship will last longer. Even now we are chating and calling each other despite the fact that we don’t have an opportunity to meet again.

I had a great chance to learn about Poland's history and its beautiful nature. We had many amazing adventure like – doing lot of stuff in workshops, going deep underground, visiting beautiful places in Krakow. My favourite adventure was the coal mine. It was located more than 300 meters deep underground.

This project really proved that the ‘’Communication is the Key”.

Kristaps Lauris Radelis, Latvia

Project meeting in Poland

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My name is Daniella and I participated in Project meeting in Poland. My host family was very friendly and my host was Ella.

We started our journey on the 5.of May together with my firend Kristaps and our teacher Agris. On the very first day we met children from other countries, we had group activities making posters about saving the enviroment…. Very exciting was the excursion to the coal mine museum- we were 380 metres deep in the ground. Of course, the trip to Krakow was excellent, we enjoyed the downtown of the city.

The celebration of school was also nice, the school marked 80th anniversary. Of course I am very delighted about the chance join in this Project. Thanks to Erasmus for the opportunity to visit other countries, and I wish to go on in Project activities in future…. But” East or west - the home is best”and it was time to go home.

I made friends with other kids and it was great chance to communicate with them. It was hard to leave these nice and hospitable people and I burst into tears when was time to say Good bye…… I wish to be host and with pleasure accept some foreign student in my home, to tell about about our nice country.

Thanks a lot for opportunity to join the Project and I do hope that our friendship will continue.

Daniella, Latvia


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Thanks to Erasmus+, I met people from different cultures on this journey to Poland. Let me talk about my nice trip. When I came from Turkey, I met my Polish host family. I settled in my room. After that we went to a lake. Then, I rested.

The first day of the Erasmus+ program we met other friends from different countries. We did workshop and activites about friendship. We learned about history of the Polish school.

On Tuesday, we went to Guido Mine and Silesian Museum. We went to Cracow on Wednesday and visited the cadhetrals, churches and Wawel Dragon Statue there. We have free time. Then we went to shopping center.

On Thursday, we visited a school that provided training for physically and mentally disabled people. And we joined the school feast. Then we went to the fire station with my other friends.

On the last day we did a workshop with a dog and played dodgeball. We said goodbye to our other friends. And all of the program ended.

Thanks Erasmus+ for everything. Thank you for giving me these opportunities and this experience.

Ecrin Sima Coşar, Turkey


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We met our friends at school. We played a game with our friends so we learned each other's names, their country and the objects we thought when we saw a color. Then we did a fun activity and ate lunch. After lunch we learned Polish words, learned rhymes and tried to say them. My partner and I went to a mountain with a great view.


We went to the coal mine and got some amazing information there. We learned the past history and working order. After the coal mine we went to the Silesian Museum. The Silesian Museum was worth seeing. I took a lot of photos there. After the program ended, I went to Paprocany Park, among my favorite places in Poland.


We went to Cracow. Poland was also my favorite place. I like the scructures and shapes there very much. We saw a Wawel Dragon Statue and we took pictures there. We were free time to buy and received a lot of souvenirs. We had a great time in Cracow.


We went to a school built for the development of people with disabilities. It is great to ensure that such individuals are not forgotten and to participate in society. It was good to see the art works of the disabled. Then there was the festival of the 80th anniversary of the school. Activities at the festival were very fun.We saw the mayor at the festival. She was very nice woman.I really liked the school very nice place.


We have conducted a study on communication with animals. There we met a very well trained and intelligent dog named Tibi. We spent time with Tibi. Then we did a project about Erasmus and had lunch. We said goodbye to some of our friends. We played ball outside but because of the weather we continued inside. It was very fun. After the game ended, we said farewell to our friends for the last time. I will miss them very much. We had a very nice time there. Thank you everyone.

Derin ÖNEY, Turkey