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A week of my life which I will not forget

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I`m Maxim - an ordinary Bulgarian student at the age of 12. That`s why I was really surprised I was chosen to travel abroad for our Erasmus+ Project. First time on flying the plane and first time abroad - my dreams came true.

Everything was new for me - new place, new people, new school, new activities, new food. The activities which I liked most were workshops with disabled children - I made a friend with a boy in a wheelchair and we exchanged our paper butterflies. I had never done it before but I felt happy. My Polish fellows showed me around the Silesian Museum in Katowitse. I had never seen such a big museum. Kynotherapy - communication with animals-was also new for me. I saw a dog - Tiby, trained to recognize colours, numbers and letters. Now I want to have a dog even more.

Oscar`s family was my family for a week. They were very kind and gave me many presents. When we landed in Bulgaria and saw my mother, father and brother I was very happy. I had so much to tell them.

Maxim Nikolov

Yordan Yovkov Primary School

Varna, Bulgaria

My Polish adventure

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I`m Nadya from Bulgaria and I want to tell you about my adventure in Poland during our school Erasmus+ mobility. There I liked many things - Paulina`s school and her big beautiful house, Polish food and nature. But most of all I liked Polish people - friendly and hospitable. My host family even invited my teachers to have dinner together. It was nice. I was happy.

At school we had many interesting activities, games and a festival. I met many students from different countries and soon we made friends. We went to a coal mine where it was interesting but cold. The journey to Krakow was unforgettable. There were many beautiful cathedrals, castles, carriages and pigeons there. Pigeons were also friendly. They weren`t afraid of us when we were feeding them. I took fantastic photos! My new friends and I went to the dragon`s cave.

Most of the time we spent at school where we communicated. We even learned some Polish words. Such as: pes( dog), tak (yes), zimno(cold), goraco( hot), czekaj (wait), denkuem (thank you).

When I chat to Paulina now I use her language. I`m very happy to have many friends and to communicate with them freely. Thank you, Paulina, for all the shared memories.

Thank you , Erasmus+ for this opportunity!

Nadezhda Milkova, 6th grade

Yordan Yovkov Primary School, Varna, Bulgaria

Poland, A Beautiful Experience

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It was a wonderful day, I was getting out of the plane and it was the beginning of one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I met Bartosz, my Erasmus host, and I went to stay with him in his home. He has a dog Kizie, that is very friendly.

At school we learned many things, we saw many interesting places, such as Krakow, Wawel castle, Guido mine, Katowice national museum.

The Erasmus week in Poland helped me improve my communication skills a lot, but it also brought me a lot of friends.

It was an unforgettable week.

Munteanu Bogdan, 7th grade, Romania

Erasmus Mobility in Poland

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Poland is a beautiful country. I visited this country because I had the opportunity to participate to the project “Communication Is the Key”.

On the first day of this trip we participated to learning activities, we played, we acquired new words in Polish language. On the second day we went to a mine together, to find out about the working history of Silesia. On that day it was also my birthday and the host family where I stayed prepared a surprise for me and took me to celebrate in town with my colleague Bogdan's host family.

On the third day we learned about social life in Krakow, we saw the Wawel castle and the cathedral.

On the fourth day we found out about integration of children with disabilities. We went to a special school for disabled people. I felt a little sad for them, thinking I wouldn't want to be in their situation.

On the fifth and last day we learned about history at Auschwitz museum, with my colleague and other children from the project.

If I had the chance to visit Poland again, I would gladly go with all my heart.

Danila Andrei Vladut, 7th grade, Romania

Interesting and Unforgettable Week

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I enjoyed the Erasmus+ project in Spain, because I met teens of my age from different countries like Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, and Spain.

The most exciting event was a trip to Barcelona where we visited several places like, Camp nou that is the famous football stadium of Barcelona, we passed also the Cathedral of Sagrada Familia that is under construction very long time and it is planned to be finished only in 2025.

One day we made a walking trip in Sanpedor surroundings and visited the Ampans institution that is a place where disabled persons and people with special needs live, study and work. It was interesting to see how these people can learn some skills and work in their gardening store. They organized different workshops for Erasmus+ students where we could participate.

The day we had activities at Sanpedor school was exciting because I found out that the school is very different from mine. To my surprise they don’t use normal books, but only digital ones, and children work with their laptops in the lessons.

At school we joined activities dedicated to different communication means, for example, photo contest, emotions in communication, and also communication without words, when a magician came to demonstrate his skills and gave us a chance to try out some the tricks.

We enjoyed going to Manresa that is called a Heart of Catalonia. We had a very good time there.

I am sure you have to appreciate everything you get because you never know when will be the next time you come to the same place again.

All the week was intensive, interesting and unforgettable, that’s why we all cried in the end of the week.

Kristers Pirjajevs, Latvia

A Memorable Erasmus Experience

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It’s funny how the life plays with you, because when my other classmates were chosen to go to Bulgaria I thought to myself: “I really would like to join this project, but … never mind, forget it...”. Just few weeks later the principal asked me if I would like to go to Spain.

I was very excited all the time that made me forgetful sometimes, and I was afraid that I could forget something important.

My experience in Spain was full of emotions with some breathtaking moments, fun and also a lot of tears on the last day when we said goodbye to each other. I got to know a lot of different people.

We did many creative activities at school, for example, photo competition, which was fun, and prepared also diary of the week. One day a magician came to the school to show his tricks and teach us or we could at least try some tricks ourselves.

I have enjoyed things with my eyes, my hands and also by taste. I am amazed how milk products in Spain are different from ours. Though I missed some products from home like sauer-cream, but I loved Spanish fresh-made bread. I’ve heard a myth that more you go to the southern countries, the more spicy food there is, but in Spain the food wasn’t much spicy.

I lived in a family of a nice girl, Júlia. She has the very best family! They showed me many different places, for example, Montserrat Mountains and Monastery, that was amazing and very impressive. There was a swimming pool in Júlia’s house, where I jumped in every evening. Júlia's family will always take a special place in my heart. 

When you may feel you know quite a lot of English and can manage well, that appeared harder than I thought before I got the chance to try it in a real situation. Our communication seemed to be very interesting. At first I stumbled and I couldn’t talk, but after we talked about everything. I’ve learned also a couple of words in the Catalan language, and the phrase ‘t'estimo’ is the most memorable, that means – ‘I love you’.

This experience in Spain was very useful and unforgettable.

Ketija Kazoka, Latvia

Erasmus+ in Santpedor

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Going to Spain or even going to abroad did not cross my mind not until a few months ago. These things were always in my dreams. I was very happy when I heard that I was going to Spain because I was going to visit different places and have lots of friends. It was a very different experience for me. It was very nice. It was also great to get on a plane.

On the first day we met our families and friends. Elia and her family are very sweet people. I loved them very much. We spent more time on Monday with our friends. We did an activity about communication.

On Tuesday, we visited Barcelona. We went to La Sagrada Familia and Barcelona Stadium. We wandered the streets. We took a lot of photos.

On Wednesday we went to a school where people with handicap had a job. In the school a presentation was made to us. Then we were divided into two groups. We went to a flower garden where only handicap people work. We made a flower bouquet with my friend in the flower garden. Then we meet with the other group and went to Parc de l'Agulla. We spent some time at the park and we did a group discussion about handicap peoples. Then we returned to our homes. 

We went to our school on Thursday and made a notebook there, we played games.

We went to school again on Friday. We conducted sport activities and a survey about communication with the Kahoot program. We pasted a sentence about communication in each country's native language on the stairs. A lot of people were crying because we were going to leave and I also cried. We spent the whole day together with our friends.

On Saturday we said goodbye to our family and friends and then took the road to Barcelona to go back to Turkey. Thanks to Erasmus, I understood that friendship is more important than anything. I cried when I missed my family there but when I was with my friends I felt safe and in peace. None of us have the same language or religion, but this was not an obstacle for us. I thought I could never express myself, but it wasn't hard. My friends understood me or tried to understand. I hadn't made friends from Erasmus before. I met a lot of nice people, from teachers to parents. Well, I've been to Spain and I've made many good friends. I love my friends so I hope they love me. I'm gonna miss my friends…

Neslihan Eegün/Turkey

Unforgettable week in Santpedor

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I was so excited and little nervous before I went to Spain. Then when I met my host family and my friend Miracle I felt very comfortable. I liked them so much. We did many activities during the five days in the school. We went to school on Monday and met friends from other countries. We did an activity about communication and visited the classrooms in the school.

The second day we went to Barcelona city center. Barcelona is a magnificent city for me. On Wednesday we visited a school that enabled people with handicap to have a job. We visited a garden in the school and they taught us how to make a beautiful bunch of flowers.

On Thursday we played a lot of games in the school yard. Then we went to the Santpedor Radio with Miracle and teachers. This was a different experience for me because I visited a radio studio for the first time.

I was very upset like all my friends on Friday because it was time to leave. It was the best week of my life. I will never forget this week in Santpedor for the rest of my life. Thank you to all my teachers who provided us this opportunity by applying the Erasmus + project.

Gülseren Şahan/Turkey

My Best Week

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My travelling started by bus from Varna to Sofia and then by airplane to Barcelona.It was my first time flying the plane. From Barcelona we went to Santpedor the town where i lived my best week. My friends Denitsa and Nadya, my English teacher Mrs. Mihailova and headmistress of my school Mrs. Zahos travelled with me.I lived in my friend Adrian`s house. He also lived at home when we were hosting the project. I was interested to meet his family. All of them were very friendly.

The first day we learned and sang our project song,after that the Spanish children made a tour around their school. It was a very big (bigger than ours) and their yard was not small.

The best time started was when we went to Barcelona. It was the Best city i had ever seen. We went in the museum of Barcelona Team and to the stadium. The stadium is very very big.

Other favourite thing is going to Sagrada Familia- the biggest cathedral in Barcelona. All the time I was talking to my new friends and it turned out it wasn`t difficult to communicate.

We played with a circus artist ( also the first time in my life). In other time we had a lot of activities and did a lot of things. In one of the lessons we made a memory notebook-with some photos with my new friends.


Now I realize how happy I am that I have been chosen by my teacher in this mobility. Thanks to Erasmus + I spent a week I will never forget. 

I love Catalunia!

Peter Todorov 6th grade

Yordan Yovkov Primary School

Varna, Bulgaria

The week I won't forget

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Hi! My name is Denitsa Popova. I am a student in 6th grade in Yordan Yovkov Primary School ,Varna, Bulgaria. This month I participated in Erasmus+ project. I was in the beautiful town of Santpedor, Spain. Even when we left the airport everything was more than magical... big palms and buildings... clean streets. In front of the airport, there was a taxi which brought us to hotel "Ramon" in Santpedor. In hotel "Ramon" our host families waited for us. The family which hosted me, was very kind. Every day we had different activities. I love all days, but maybe my favourite day is when we walked around Catalonia. We saw the famous stadium of Barcelona which I will never forget. The stadium was very big, beautiful and clear. The feeling when we touched the life of some of the most popular football players in the world was more than amazing.

Everyone, who I met there was very kind. Everyone was in one team and everyone loved everyone. The moment when I had to say "Goodbye!" to these people and to this world, was one of the sadest moments in my life! I will never forget this magical week!

Thank you for everything my dear friends!

Thank you Erasmus+!

Denitsa Popova, Bulgaria