"Communication is the key" in Romania

Posted by [email protected] on June 17, 2019 at 2:10 PM

Two weeks ago I was included in our Erasmus+ mobility group in Romania. I was with our English teacher and some other teachers and students from my school. Gabi and I stayed at a great family, where I spoke English, had fun and felt myself at home.

The first day we went to Holboca school and kidergarten. We did some activities with the students from Romania, Latvia and Turkey.

The next day we visited the school for blind children.That was very sad to me but I tried to help some children with their tasks. I think they were happy and I felt myself better. Then we went back home.I took a shower and went to bed. We had to wake up very early - at 7 а.m every day to go to school.The third day we had excursion to a salt mine. It was a great excursion - the mine was big and it had lots of places for entertainment. We played football in the mine.

I loved the next day because we had a very big party, after which we went to the mall. I bought many souvenirs and presents for my family and friends. After the shopping we travelled around the city by car and studied a little Romanian language. We went to eat pizza. After that we went home, took a shower and chatted with Bogdan and his sister. Bogdan`s mother was also very kind and worried all the time if we were OK - just like my mum.

The next day we travelled back to Bulgaria. During this unforgettable week I saw a lot of beautiful places and learnt many new things. This was a great week in Romania. Hope I will go there again.

Stefani Ivanova Nikolova

Varna, Bulgaria, Yordan Yovkov School

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